Tokyo Sushi

Location: Downtown Toronto/University of Toronto Area

So THIS was the place we were supposed to go to instead of Tokyo Grill.

This Japanese Restaurant had the typical sushi and is most famous for their dons (rice bowls). Unfortunately, I did not manage to take a picture of the menus, and their menu online does not do them justice, as they have Chirashi specials in-store. Although it Is a chain restaurant, I would not turn it down so easily.

We went to the St.Joseph street location (Just south of bay and bloor). A small storefront that could be easily missed as it is on a small street. The inside was also quite small, with some private rooms at the back. The waitresses were extremely attentive and immediately served us some nice hot green tea (perfect for the cold and windy night). Although we were seated inside a private booth, service was not neglected and our waitresses checked up on us regularly.

Our table of three ordered a Kakimaze don x 2, the Deluxe Chirashi Don and a rainbow roll.

Kakimaze don: teriyaki eel, uni, tempura flakes. Tuna, salmon roe, (other types of roe), squid, scallop and a poached egg.

Kamikaze Don

The choice of fish, and the assortment matched very well, and the tempura flakes really added a kick to the whole dish. However, I found the fish was not as fresh as I had hoped.

Deluxe Chirashi Don: I can’t recall what particularly was in this one, but there was squid, salmon, scallop, fish row, tamago and surf clam. To be honest, this dish didn’t really stand out to me particularly, and I enjoyed the kakimaze don much more.

Deluxe Chirashi Don
Deluxe Chirashi Don

Rainbow Roll: This was a standard rainbow roll with spicy imitation crab inside. (Spicy mayo and imitation crab). I thoroughly enjoyed this roll, as it was a bit spicy (different from regular Rainbow rolls). And it had a nice amount of sashimi placed on top. However, it was quite small.

Rainbow Roll

They also serve fresh uni! Which I am excited to try out next time 🙂

Miso and Salad

Overall, I would return because I want to try their other dons, but it didn’t exceed my expectations (besides the service! The service was great!)

Tokyo Sushi
3 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario

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